During this time there has been a lot of discussion about “privilege”.

Everyone has privilege, some more or less than others, but we think it’s important to start here because it is this privilege, earned or unearned, that allows for oppression and disadvantages to exist, covertly or overtly. We’ve concluded that it is the recognition of privilege that allows us to take the next step and change other social oppressions, beginning with our own biases.

Here are some organizations and articles that introduce learning about privilege. We found them helpful and hope you do, too.


White People 4 Black Lives – Anti-racist collective and activist project that works in alliance to Black Lives Matter

Showing Up for Racial Justice – National network of allies to Black Lives Matter, Movement for Black Lives, and more

Articles and More: 

Global Citizen’s Why it’s Important to Think About Privilege – and Why it’s Hard

Harvard’s Implicit Bias Test

Hive Learning’s 5 Main Types of Privilege

Well and Good’s Different Types of Privilege – Including White Privilege – Explained 

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