Monthly on Melrose

Monthly on Melrose is Big Sunday’s unique series of workshops, collections, performances, parties, meals and special events to benefit our nonprofit partners. Lots of these have become annual traditions, like Our Annual MLK Clothing Drive & Community Breakfast, Vets’ Night, Spooky Sunday and more. Like all Big Sunday projects, the idea behind Monthly on Melrose events is to connect people through helping – after all, we’re all in the same boat. Everyone (of all ages!) is always welcome. Groups, too! (Really!) All of these events are held at our cool offices at 6111 Melrose Avenue in L.A. – but every so often we have a Monthly Off Melrose event. (Check the listings.)

Below, see a list of our upcoming Monthly on Melrose events. If you’d like to join us, or for more information, contact If you’d like to sponsor any or all of our upcoming projects, please contact for all the information. (Sponsorships usually start at $1000. It’s a great way to help lots of people, while engaging lots of others! And donors love that they can see exactly were their contribution is going!)

Updated events schedule:

  • September 23 – 6th Annual Books ‘n Brunch
  • October 28 – 9th Annual Spooky Sunday
  • November 21 – 7th Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • December 9 – 9th Annual Holiday Sing-A-Long
  • January 21 – 7th Annual MLK Day Clothing Drive & Community Breakfast
  • February 10 – 6th Annual Valentine-Making, Bingo-Playing Community Dinner
  • April 14 – 6th Annual Vets’ Night & Dinner

And here are some photos from just a few of Big Sunday’s past Monthly on Melrose events:


Harbor Cruise (March 2017)


Valentine-making, Bingo-playing Community Breakfast (February 2017)

MLK Day 2017 group - cropped

MLK Day Clothing Drive & Community Breakfast
(January 2017)


Thanksgiving Stuffing Event (November 2016)


Spooky Sunday (October 2016)


Books n’ Brunch (September 2016)


Back-to-School Drive (August 2016)


Movie Night (June 2016)

“To All at Big Sunday, Now, more than ever, we need the goodwill that you share and the good works that you do”

- — L.B., Los Angeles