Sponsorship Opportunities

One of the great things about Big Sunday is that all of our events (except our gala fundraiser, of course) are always free to all participants. We are completely underwritten by corporate and private donations. Big Sunday’s wide variety of events and programs are able to thrive – and remain free – because of generous sponsorships.

Many individuals, businesses, schools, faith groups, clubs, teams and civic groups like to get involved through sponsorships. Or, they use sponsorships to enhance their involvement and as a way of saying thanks to Big Sunday. (And believe us: we are most welcome!)

There are many levels of sponsorship and many advantages to being a sponsor, including:

  • Participation for you or your group in Big Sunday helping events
  • Being listed and recognized as a Big Sunday sponsor in promotional materials
  • At certain donor levels, listing on our extremely popular T-shirts
  • The opportunity to work with our P.R representative, if desired
  • Guaranteed admission at our most popular events
  • A hands-on opportunity to see your donor dollars at work
  • Knowing you and/or your organization are making a difference in grassroots organization that brings all kinds of diverse people together to make a difference

Sponsorships start at $250 and go up to $100,000. A few examples:

  • Sponsorships for big events like Our MLK Clothing Drive and Community Breakfast, Vet’s Night, Back to School Night and Spooky Sunday usually start at $1000.
  • Sponsorships for weekly events like MA@2 and TM@10 start at $250.
  • Sponsorships for big year-round programs like The End of the Month Club, theBIGlist, The Annual Holiday List, Our Really Big Community Calendar and others start at $2500.
  • Sponsorships for our annual gala fundraiser start at $5000.
  • Sponsorships for all kinds of projects large and small throughout the year (including during A Month of Big Sundays) start at $250.

For a current list of sponsorship levels and benefits, please contact Executive Director David Levinson at david@bigsunday.org or at 323-549-9944.

Of course, any donation at any level any time of year is always very greatly appreciated! (Did you know that you can buy a bag of pasta for our End of the Month Club for just 33 cents?) 

Big Sunday is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. All sponsorships are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor for details.

[Thanksgiving Stuffing Event] “Our Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It warms my heart and replenishes my faith to witness such kindness in action.”

- -A.Z., Los Angeles