Over the years, we frequently get calls from folks who are celebrating some special occasion – a birthday, bar mitzvah, wedding, anniversary or anything else – and would like to use the opportunity as a way to give back. We think that’s a great idea, and so we’ve started a special part of our site  called Special [2]. (It’s pronounced “Special squared”!)

So you know, there are lots of ways you can use your special occasion to help make a difference. Here are a few:

  • Say “No gifts, please” and, instead ask for donations – money or in-kind – to help a nonprofit or school.
  • Instead of traditional centerpieces, collect something (such as books for a school or toiletries for a shelter) and then wrap them up and put on a bow so that they make your tables look pretty – and then afterwards you’ll be helping worthy groups who’ll love your donations.
  • When you’re preparing for your special occasion, use the opportunity to help a good cause by buying supplies or hiring staff that help or promote causes that you care about.

Big Sunday can help you.

We have an enormous (and growing!) network of wonderful and worthy nonprofits and schools that would love to be the recipients of your largesse. Of course, some organizations need your help more at certain times. Let us know what kinds of things you’re interested in, and we can give you suggestions of how you might help.

On this page, we’ll also feature nonprofits that you might not have known could use your help.

If you would like suggestions of how to maximize your special occasion, please contact us at specialx2@bigsunday.org.

One thing: There is no charge for this service. (Yeah, pretty awesome, huh.) However, know that we will suggest a way you can help Big Sunday if you like. Just an option. There will be no pressure at all to take it. (Really.) And, if you want to make a donation to Big Sunday as a way of saying thanks, that’s great, too. (And thanks!)

Special [2] is made possible thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor.

“To All at Big Sunday, Now, more than ever, we need the goodwill that you share and the good works that you do”

- — L.B., Los Angeles