Over the years, we frequently get calls from folks who are celebrating some special occasion – a birthday, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, wedding, anniversary or anything else – and would like to use the opportunity as a way to give back while you’re celebrating. That’s why we started Special2(It’s pronounced “Special squared”!).

Big Sunday can help!

We have an enormous network of wonderful and worthy nonprofits and schools that would love to be the recipients of your largesse. We’re happy to sit down with you – however young or old you are – and come up with a plan. You let us know what kinds of things you’re interested in, and we can give you suggestions of how you might help.

If you would like to set up a time to chat, please contact us at specialx2@bigsunday.org.

One thing: There is no charge for this service. (Yeah, pretty awesome!) However, if you want to make a donation to Big Sunday as a way of saying thanks, that’s great, too. (And thanks!)

[Thanksgiving Stuffing Event] “Our Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It warms my heart and replenishes my faith to witness such kindness in action.”

- -A.Z., Los Angeles