Testimonials over the years...

From Our Nonprofit Partners

“A big THANK YOU to Big Sunday, the volunteers and everyone who was a part of creating Walk With Sally’s adventure. Our kids, mentors and families had a wonderful time. I saw lots of beaming faces at the Aquarium of the Pacific! (And lunch was great, too!) Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!"
Z.P., Walk With Sally (BSW)

"I would like to add my special thanks and deep appreciation to all those who stepped forward and contributed to the success of this wonderful and most inspirational demonstration of what can happen when Angelinos come together. It is a blessing from the Divine. “At Omar Foundation we feel honored by and grateful to those who volunteered at our site. They are responsible for allowing us to be part of Big Sunday and it is our hope that they continue being part of our extended community."
— D.K., The Omar Foundation

"How do I begin to say THANK YOU to Big Sunday for ALL that you have done for our school? The staff, students and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I feel so fortunate to have been a part of such a wonderful event."
— K.W, Hyde Park Elementary School

"I wanted to tell you one more time how grateful I am to you. This was an expensive project to take on — and you did it with love, enthusiasm, and dedication. I shall forever be grateful."
— D.B., Precious Blood School

"I am adding my congratulations and thanks for an incredible Big Sunday Weekend! You have truly created something amazing . . . and so good . . .for the community and for all its individual souls. I loved seeing the great cross-section of the city, which of course represents the nation (more than anyplace else!) come together with common purpose. Thank you for providing the opportunity for every Angelino to give. “And special thanks for allowing Operation Gratitude to be part of this year's event. We had the greatest groups from Big Sunday — and it seemed as though everyone enjoyed the experience! And the icing on the cake is that we got SOOOO much done in preparation for our big event in a few weeks. The timing could not have been more perfect for us! “Again, thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of our community. I know you hear it a lot, but it bears repeating: You are doing a great thing . . . and God’s work."
— C.B., Operation Gratitude

"Thank you everyone who volunteered their Sunday afternoon to make this BBQ so successful. Your kindness was felt by all, feeding a total of 84 hungry youth and children at My Friend's Place. I hope to see you all again soon!"
— C.B., My Friend’s Place

"I want to thank you big time for Big Sunday! Our turnout was fantastic. The Canyon/CowaNatureCenter looks so much better! We were able to get people re- energized about our project again. We are extremely grateful to the volunteers who showed up at Cowan. We are looking forward to another canyon clean up next year!"
— S.W., CowaNatureCenter

"I just wanted to email you and tell you how much I appreciated your hospitality . . . I never knew about BIG SUNDAY before!!! I haven’t had that much fun and laughter in a long time. PLEASE let me know if you ever need my help to volunteer, I need to give back to my community."
— A.V., Project New Hope

"Where do I begin? We had an INCREDIBLE day yesterday with your crew. They painted our child-care center, cleaned out our pantry, gardened and more! The best part was we made some great friends who will certainly be coming back! You should have seen the kids who came with their parents to volunteer walking hand in hand with kids who live here . . . and they had just met!! We were all excited about making new friends. Thank you for making it happen! Thanks again! Looking forward to next year. We are already talking about it! You’re the best!"
— M.R., Alexandria House

"Thank you all for all the amazing work you and your volunteers did for our program. Our women and children often feel left behind by society – stigmatized by social and cultural constraints. They often have had to flee their way of life due to domestic violence, or have lost ties with family due to substance abuse." “Your event touched our house by reminding the women and children that people in the community are there for them and do care. The personal contact with the volunteers as well as working side-by-side digging our gorgeous new garden was priceless. They got to experience firsthand the safety of caring strangers and the hope that brings in an often-hostile world. The bus tour was a fun way to celebrate our city. The women and children had a wonderful time and got to experience the city in a different and marvelous way." “Thank you for your time and your help with our very important work. We want to be involved with Big Sunday next year as well. Thank you."
— J.C.S., Prototypes

"Thank you for all your time and efforts. All of our PATH sites had wonderful Big Sunday parties, and our residents felt the care and fun that a special event provides. Your many volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of men, women and children who are homeless."
— S.E., PATH (People Assisting the Homeless)

"ongratulations once again for another amazingly successful Big Sunday. You set the standard for all of us nonprofit organizations in LA"
— T.B., The Giving Spirit

"Thank you SO much for the books! They were in BEAUTIFUL condition! We stocked the shelves of our elementary school, which has been badly in need of reading books, especially since we don't have a library in our school. So, again, THANK YOU — they will be reaching hundreds of kids!"
— A.W., View Park Elementary School

"I am thrilled to report that the volunteers from Big Sunday (who are ROCK STARS) brought 200 pieces of luggage to our storage location in El Monte this afternoon. The delivery included duffle bags, backpacks, hard pieces, soft pieces, wheeled luggage, new luggage and "lightly worn" luggage. It will be offered to social workers for their clients and to United Friends of the Children, who will then pass it on to foster youth transitioning out of the system. None of this could have been possible without your dedication, patience and hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
— J.W., Edelman’s Children’s Court

"Just wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful two days making quilts for veterans at Patchwork Penguin. We finished nine quilts and made as many tops. There was so much energy generated for the project that we are planning regular meetings throughout the year!"
— L.B., Quilters for Others

"We had such a great day at the primary Jewish World Watch Big Sunday site at VBS. The more than 30 volunteers who pitched in and got so much done in preparation for our Walk for Darfur were warm, friendly, interested and creative. It was a huge help to us and I couldn't be happier or more grateful that we were a part of Big Sunday."
— A.L., Jewish World Watch

From Our Volunteers

“[TGIW! (Thank God It’s Work!)] Thank you for being the conduit for a miracle for me. I am so deeply grateful to all of you for this opportunity, and to continue building a new foundation under my challenged life. (And to not have to sleep in my car!) ”
— T., Los Angeles

“[Corporate Day of Service] I can’t thank you enough for making yesterday such an incredible success. I’ve received only the most positive feedback from every single person across the firm. It was a truly great experience.”
— J.H., KKR, New York

“[Special2] It has already been a life-changing experience for Eli – a path to a lifelong devotion and commitment to healing the world. I can’t thank you enough for lighting the way. It’s kind of genius because when they bring in their kids, the parents get hooked!!”
— A.W.W., Los Angeles

“[Our Network] I am speechlessly grateful beyond words for all the connections that Big Sunday has facilitated.”
— L.L., Veterans’ Home of California

“[The Annual Big Sunday Holiday List] You all do such an amazing job of making the holidays special for so many kids and families. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!! You haven’t seen the last of us. ☺”
— K.C., Mattel Children’s Hospital

“[MLK Clothing Collection & Community Breakfast] I’m trying to think of the last time I was around so much happiness and positive energy. It was truly a wonderful way to give back. And look forward.”
— G.A., Pacific Palisades

To All at Big Sunday,
Now, more than ever, we need the goodwill that you share and the good works that you do
— L.B., Los Angeles

“Wish I had a million bucks to give you . . . what a stellar effort . . . instead you got a little of my sweat (and my family’s) and my utmost respect . . . big props to you and your team . . . what an undertaking, what an accomplishment.
— D.K., The Omar Foundation

“This year was the first Big Sunday for Mary Star of the Sea High School. We went to Angeles’s Flight shelter and Casa Madona Hospice. I hear nothing but wonderful things and excitement from all of the students and faculty who went. I was grateful to experience how Big Sunday DID make L.A. a better place by the end of the day. Our students and faculty were changed just as much as, if not more than, the places we visited.”
— J.P., Mary Star of the Sea High School

“Thank you to everyone at Big Sunday. The weather was superb at Malibu Creek and the work done was huge! Heal The Bay folks told us they had never reached the point of running out of dumpsters to fill with removed weeds (several were filled to overflowing). From flowerpot decoration to the lemonade stand to nature walks to arts and crafts/face painting, everyone felt their time was well spent. The folks from CEE and Heal The Bay are terrific to work with and I'd be delighted to have New Roads continue with them in coming years.”
— B.G., New Roads School

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you provide to my daughter and me each year to contribute to our community. Big Sunday fills us with joy and pride each time we join with so many other strangers and work together toward something larger than ourselves. We try to live up to this worthy example during the rest of the year as we try to help heal the world, but you make it so much fun.”
— M.B.

“Thank you for this opportunity to contribute to charities I usually have no contact with and to meet people I would normally not have an opportunity to see. I chose the Knit 1, Purl 2 Big Sunday event. Everyone associated with the day was pleasant and helpful and I had a great time with the group, which came to the library to knit or crochet. It was delightful watching the teen girls teach their male companions a basic cast-on and then watching the boys intently complete their squares. I knit scarves for the Seamen's Institute and donate knitted items to various nonprofits for fund raising, but this was simply a delightful Sunday with new friends.”
— L.B., Sidley, Austin LLP

“It was a HUGE success! We certainly had fun at Daphneyland. We had about 40 volunteers, we washed 100 hounds, and we put up chain-link fencing to create a special space for Daphneyland's beloved senior Bassets. And, of course, we did adopt two new friends for our clan: Hermione and Murray.”
— B.W., Echo Horizon School

“On Big Sunday the volunteers benefit as much as the recipients of the help. We ALL get to know what it is like when people care, come together, and look out for each other. There are few feelings better than that. Thanks.”
— W.C.

"If I do say so myself, I think Turning Point, Nora Sterry, and New Horizons did a terrific job, especially for first-timers! We had a turn out of 600+ people. We painted a massive amount of exterior wall, planted shrubs, vegetables, and flowers (thanks to your efforts to get our plants and donations we were able to procure), crafted the flower pots, gave away books, sold clothes, collected money, fed and entertained the masses - all with about three weeks of planning and preparation. And just as importantly, our event brought the participants together in a way that was constructive, fun, and opened avenues for better understanding and relations, as advertised for a community building event. “Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for us."
— M.L., The Turning Point School

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We were promised "really great, hard-working people” and boy, that's what we got! There was great energy, a lot of can-do and stick-to-itness, and just a bunch of fun. The Women’s Care Cottage house and garden look great. And we can all feel very proud of our work: from packing and carrying to painting to buying ice to washing brushes. It was all a great success. "Thank you again. See you next year!"
— M.O.

"As a newcomer to Los Angeles I was blown away from the gate on the history alone with Big Sunday. It was my pleasure to work with everyone involved. I could feel the love and family throughout."
— P.A., Temple Israel of Hollywood

"Just wanted to thank you so much for putting together yet another successful Big Sunday and providing so many people, including myself, an opportunity to volunteer and meet some great people. We had an amazing time at the bowling event with Best Buddies and are looking forward to next year!"
— B.L., Manatt, Phelps, Phillips

"What an incredible day! I'm truly choked up for adjectives to adequately describe your Soccer and Basketball events on Big Sunday. There are so many kids and families that come away with from this experience with memories they will never forget. God bless you all. I love you."
— M.F., AYSO

"From all of us at the Omar Foundation and the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement THANK YOU!!! Thank you for working so hard and getting so much done. We all had a wonderful time and we hope that you enjoyed working with us and helping us to give back to the community. “We filled two truckloads with goods and materials for the homeless and for foster children and our lemonade stand was a big hit with the community. Thank you for making this weekend so much fun and such a BIG success. We hope to see you again next year and would love for you all to stay in touch. All my love and blessings,"
— H.F., The Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement

"On Big Sunday, I always feel that I get so much more than I give. It is humbling to sit with homeless women over a cup of tea. Everyone has a story. Compassion and empathy are understood and valued."
— D.B., Precious Blood School

Big Sunday Year Round

“We collected ten boxes of toiletries and even had some T-shirts and socks. I took the items down to the Stand Down and WOW was it impressive. Good stuff! Thanks again for Big Sunday’s donation – it definitely added to the enthusiasm of helping out.
— L.M., Chase Home Lending San Diego (Emergency Needs)

“Thank you so much for the tee-shirts. They will be put to good use very soon. God bless you. What you have done – and continue to do – is astonishing.
— T.B., The Giving Spirit (Emergency Needs)

“Hollywood HEART appreciates all of Big Sunday's help recruiting volunteers for our summer camps for youth impacted by HIV/AIDS. We received quite a few enthusiastic, positive, and hardworking volunteers through posting our needs on your calendar. Camp couldn't have been the HUGE success it was without your help! I applaud the work that Big Sunday does for our community.
— K.M. HollywoodHEART (Big Sunday Community Calendar)

“I am thrilled that I got to spend some time with you at Big Sunday to pay tribute to the anniversary of 9/11. It was a perfect day of service, reflection and community togetherness.”
— J.K., Disney (September M.O.M. 9/11 Food Drive & Remembrance)

“Big Sunday takes community involvement to another level. The professionalism of the staff, together with the quality and commitment of their volunteers allows them to pull off projects – large and small – to the benefit of organizations like ours.”
— D.G., Hollywood Heart.” (July M.O.M. Send a Kid to Camp Yard Sale)

“I’m sitting here in Creative Writing class and my students are telling me how wonderful that afternoon was. Several said it was one of the best days of their lives. It was just so beautiful, having all those writers, young and old, in one place, all talking about writing."
— E.H., Animo Pat Brown High School (June M.O.M. Coffee House & Reading)

“The day of the Big Sunday event was the best day of my life. I enjoyed being heard and meeting great new people."
— K.A., Animo Pat Brown High (June M.O.M. Coffee House & Reading)

“Thank you for your generosity and the opportunity you gave Rabbit Hole last night. Your space and the people you bring together are fantastic. It's really something to see how working together – with and for others – is catching. It takes on its own momentum and before you know it, you’re looking forward to seeing these people the next time around."
— E.S. Rabbit Hole (February M.O.M, Movie Night)

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for Santa. He was a great hit with the youth here! It really helped them to forget about their problems, and they really enjoyed getting their pictures taken with him. Thanks again for your generosity and for always remembering our kids."
— M.F., Covenant House (Holidays)

“Thank you so much! I have ten families so far whop want to attend. These families are in the direst of circumstances and could really use a nice dinner, especially at Thanksgiving."
— D.R., Olive Crest Homes (Holidays)

“Thanks for including me in the band today. It was a great day and a really wonderful experience. It's a feeling that will stay with me for a while."
— C.K., (December M.O.M., Holiday Sing-a-long)

“I had such a wonderful time on Sunday. A highlight was everyone playing bingo together. But the treat was the vets: They were interesting, interested, funny, enlightening, honest and, most of all, really enjoying themselves. Bravo to Big Sunday. I'm looking forward to the next Monthly on Melrose."
— A.R., ( November M.O.M, Veterans Choir & Dinner)

“What a great experience it was to sit upstairs and enjoy the Big Sunday energy! I also admit feeling proud to have helped a little. Thank you very much for your hospitality and thoughtfulness! We all seem to wallow in our own stuff, until we meet someone who has some real problems."
— A.A., (November M.O.M, Veterans Choir & Dinner)

"Great job on the party! My families LOVED IT!"
— L.W.J., KEEN LA (October M.O.M. Halloween Party)

“Congrats on an amazing event! I heard from my staff and the families that have been calling me all day that it was the BEST Halloween party they’ve ever been to – thank you!"
— Z.R., HomeSAFE (October M.O.M Halloween Party)

“On behalf of the Sony crew, it was our pleasure to make the donation and to work on this project with you. Knowing that we will be making a positive difference in a child's life is of uppermost importance so we were more than happy to make the contribution."
— J.G., Sony Pictures (September M.O.M, Back To School Collection)

From our Big Sunday Weekend Nonprofit Partners

“The SafeGround project was my favorite part of the weekend. I especially loved the BBQ because it brought everyone together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our hard work. The following weekend we organized 450 volunteers for “Homeless Connect.” Several of the SafeGround residents were there, and when we saw each other we headed toward one another for a spontaneous hug. That wouldn’t have happened without Big Sunday! I not only have new friends, but we built a foundation for many great things to come."
— D.B., Hands on Sacramento (BSW)

“Big Sunday has held a place in our hearts for a long time. Moments throughout the day stick out in my mind, like a frightened child who was led to cuddle with a frightened hound! Every month we face closure because of this bad economy. But after a day like today, we feel the surge of energy needed to figure out how to survive! We cannot thank you enough!"
— D.S., Basset Rescue Network Inc. at Daphneyland (BSW)

“I just wanted to let you know Sherman Oaks Beautification was a great event! Big Sunday was wonderful! The volunteers worked hard and had fun and we made a visible difference in the area. Thanks!"
— L.E., Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (BSW)

"There are really no words to express our gratitude to you. Let it suffice to say that your work will help many, many needy families that we serve."
— D.W., Director Family Rescue Center (BSW)

“Everyone loved the food, the scenery the boat and everything about the experience. They felt really special and loved the opportunity to interact with one another in such a beautiful setting."
— L. G., Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula (BSW)

“Thanks to everyone who donated and participated at our Big Sunday Hub. We had a great day and appreciated the opportunity to put our beliefs into practice. Big Sunday inspired us to think of different ways to reach out to connect and help our community!"
— J.H., Shinnyo-En Temple Hub Orange County (BSW)

“From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for another phenomenally successful Big Sunday! We had 50 eighth graders, teachers, and administrators from Polytechnic School and the fabulous teenagers from the L.A. Conservation Corp., working alongside our toddlers, preschoolers, parents, and grandparents – it was the epitome of "community"! We're deeply grateful for the extraordinary hard work and spirit that makes Big Sunday possible."
— C.L., La Casita Child Development Center (BSW)

“A big THANK YOU to all the Big Sunday Weekend volunteers who came out today to play with the KEEN-LA children. It was better than imagined!"
— F.J., Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (BSW)

“Thanks to the neighbors and Big Sunday volunteers who arrived this morning in spite of the rain to help the Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy clear invasive grasses and weeds, along with dead undergrowth for fire clearance. We got a lot of work done and had a great time!"
— R.S., Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy (BSW)

“I wanted to thank you for organizing the Bay Area Big Sunday Boat Cruise. Our ‘Buddies’ had a great time! This type of opportunity comes so seldom for our participants and we were all delighted to be invited."
— S.H., Best Buddies Bay Area (BSW)

“A big THANK YOU to Big Sunday, the volunteers and everyone who was a part of creating Walk With Sally’s adventure. Our kids, mentors and families had a wonderful time. I saw lots of beaming faces at the Aquarium of the Pacific! (And lunch was great, too!) Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!"
— Z.P., Walk With Sally (BSW)

“It is so great to hear what people can accomplish when working together! The boys from Phoenix House really enjoyed the dogs and the time they spent at Daphneyland! Thank you for opening up your facility to others in the community to share in the work that you do everyday!"
— J.M., Phoenix House, (BSW)

“Our families loved being out on San Francisco Bay – a real treat! What they loved most was the way in which everyone was welcomed and treated – the kids felt like one of the bunch, not labeled a “homeless child” and that was very important! Thank you."
— P.P., Opportunity Impact, San Francisco (BSW)

From our Big Sunday Weekend Volunteers

“All of us at S.A.R.A.H. want to thank the great folks at Big Sunday for embracing Orange County! We can alleviate pressure on our food banks, support our eco-system, brighten hearts, empower hands and build our community. Big Sunday is our Big Hero!"
— L.C. & L.F., Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope (BSW)

“Thanks to every single one of you for making this Big Sunday Weekend event so successful! We could not have done this without everyone's help and commitment to making Central Area a cleaner and safer community!"
— G.P., City of Long Beach Neighborhood Services Bureau (BSW)

“It is just amazing how you have built this event. I am pleased that we can help in a small way to help others."
— T.F., Myman, Greenspan, Fineman, Fox, Rosenberg & Light LLP

“The Volunteer Center of Los Angeles (VCLA), Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Big Sunday volunteers did a great job with the old Rampart Station Cleanup. The LAPD and surrounding community expressed tremendous gratitude. Big Sunday set the stage for us to establish an exciting new partnership with the LAPD. Thanks!"
— P.P., Volunteer Center of Los Angeles (BSW)

“Thanks to all the Amazing Big Sunday Supermarket Heros! Thanks to the many groups (churches, synagogues and community centers) that collected 11,000 pounds of food for Orange County food pantries."
— S.H., Orange County Food Collection (BSW)

“Our event was great – thanks so much to Big Sunday!"
— Z.C., Larchmont Charter School (BSW)

“What a great day it was . . . I was amazed at how many volunteers showed up for the Clover Elementary Beautification Day. So awesome to see how many people in Los Angeles are willing to serve their community. Thanks again for all you do!"
— G.N., Westside Shepherd of the Hills (BSW)

“Big Sunday was truly BIG - our hub site was just one small part of a massive weekend of service. Again, you all made a difference, and we thank you."
— D. M. & D.L., Westlake Village Hub Co-chairs (BSW)

“We really did have a great time. The emails I have been getting from everyone have been so heartwarming . . .truly an experience of a lifetime that will forever change me.”
— C.S., Chase Bank (BSW)

“Our family had a great time volunteering at the Orange County Islamic Center! We have been participating in Big Sunday since 2005 and we love it. This is always a great way to spend quality time as a family and teach kids our kids’ valuable and meaningful ways to give to others."
— L.M., Orange County Islamic Center

“I had a fantastic time this year. The residents at New Directions opened my heart to homeless vets in a way I didn't think possible. I'm grateful Big Sunday has set things up so that even someone as ham-fisted as I can pull off a great event.”
— C.B., St. James Church

“No kid should wake up in a hospital. But this morning, some kid at Children’s Hospital is going to wake up knowing that there is a community that cares. And that will make all the difference. Thank you all for making our Big Sunday a day of making a big difference in the lives of kids."
— E.F., Valley Beth Shalom (BSW)

“Thanks for pairing us with Children of the Night – it was a perfect fit. Our skaters said that it was the most fun they'd had – they just loved the girls. We're going to be working with them in the future (some even expressed interest in joining). One said she “found her calling!”
— R.N., Derby Dolls (BSW)

“WOW! What an amazing day! Some 500 volunteers danced, ate, chatted and laughed. We saw old friends, made new ones, and we worked! We sorted clothes, books and food, made art, assembled gift bags, cooked, gardened, knitted and gave blood. And in this single awe-inspiring day, we contributed to 78 charitable organizations!!"
— S.B., TIOH Big Sunday Captain (BSW)

“Thanks so much for the great work the Big Sunday staff put into yesterday. I can’t imagine a better coordinated and supported effort. I know the homeless women we were able to feed and engage took a great deal from the “Bingo and Bagels” morning. But I am also confident that our volunteers took as much, if not more away from the day’s events. Thanks for all you do – year after year – to make this possible."
— M.K., Yale Club of Southern California (BSW)

“We had a great time helping out this weekend. My 17-year-old and I painted a community center in Pasadena yesterday and then my 19 and 14 year-olds joined us today to help at a Big Sunday hub site filling toiletry bags, sorting clothes and books and making some flowerpots for the elderly. It was great! Thanks for making this happen BIG SUNDAY!!"
— B.Q., (BSW)

“To All at Big Sunday, Now, more than ever, we need the goodwill that you share and the good works that you do”

- — L.B., Los Angeles