TGIW! (Thank God it’s Work!)

Many people come to Big Sunday looking for help. They might need food or clothing, or help with their rent. Whenever possible, we give them a hand.

But for many of these people, what they want most is a job.

Big Sunday’s TGIW! (Thank God it’s Work!) is a new program designed to help people who are looking for work – but are having a difficult time finding it – get over the hump. The beneficiaries can be people between jobs; seniors; starving artists; people who are suddenly single and finding their way back into the work force; and others. These are people who are very eager to work, but are having trouble finding a job.

Many of these folks are not at all used to being in this position.

Big Sunday has created TGIW! to find work for these people. The job will be temporary paid work at Big Sunday or, using our large network, at one of our nonprofit partners. The jobs could involve all kinds of skills. Big Sunday will take care of paying the employee, whether the temporary work is at Big Sunday or another nonprofit.

Ideally, this work will provide the recipient not only with a bit of needed money, but also experience; new skills and connections which could lead to permanent employment; something to put on one’s resume; a place to go; and an opportunity to maintain one’s dignity, self-esteem, and spirits during a difficult and stressful time. This is a unique program, helping a segment of the population who’s very real needs are going unmet.

If you need a job – and have exhausted all avenues – please have your agency representative contact us. Please note: People who have volunteered at Big Sunday events will get preference for TGIW! opportunities.

If you have a job where you need the temporary help of someone, please let us know! Contact David at

If you’d like to support TGIW (Thank God it’s Work!) and help people get back on their feet, you can donate here. (And thank you!)

[Thanksgiving Stuffing Event] “Our Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It warms my heart and replenishes my faith to witness such kindness in action.”

- -A.Z., Los Angeles