Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Cinco de Mayo, Butterfly Release, Free Comics May 2-3

Mommy Poppins
April 30, 2015

Weekend Fun for LA Kids: Cinco de Mayo, Butterfly Release, Free Comics May 2-3

By Toby B.

Big things are happening this weekend: big, big, big. I know they’re big because they have “big” in the title, and that’s not a word we use lightly around here. We’ve got The Big Parade, in which Angelenos walk all over town (Angelenos walking—that’s big news). We’ve got Big Sunday Weekend, with thousands of families working together to help make the world a better place.

Another big thing is Cinco de Mayo, very big in these parts, and I know it’s big because cinco is five and you need all the fingers on one hand to count that high. You’ll need way more than five fingers to count all the Cinco de Mayo celebrations going on. (Lucky for you we’ve got them listed in our handy-dandy Event Calendar).

And what big thing should we close with? The Big Grand Butterfly Release? Big Bird Day LA? Breakfast with the Bigguns Gibbons? I’m going to go a different way: next Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I want something big. You have been warned.

Keep reading for our biggest picks for this weekend.


Big Sunday Weekend – Multiple Locations

Volunteer projects throughout LA are waiting for your family’s helping hand.


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