Corporate Days of Service and Sponsorship Opportunities

Big Sunday works with all kinds of corporate groups in all kinds of ways. We always love working with our corporate partners to plan service events. They’re great ways for companies to give back to their communities, while also building team spirit. (And, of course, they’re a great way to have a lot of fun, too.)

For the past two years, most of our corporate events have been online, and those have been great, too. However, now we’re thrilled to be able to work with so many corporate groups (old friends and new) in person, too. Just now, we’re planning all kinds of events for a wide variety of companies right here in LA , as well as Orange County, San Diego, Nashville, New York, and London. Wherever you have offices, we can help.

We think corporate events should be impactful, gratifying, and fun. And, if all that wasn’t enough, it helps support all the other events we do throughout the year, too! If your company is interested in seeing how we can help, please contact


The event was exactly what I hoped it would be and that would not have been possible without you and your amazing team. I have received feedback from numerous people saying that this was the best event our company has ever done. We look forward to partnering with you again!

— L.B., Moss-Adams LLC

Like all Big Sunday projects, our corporate service events are designed to be impactful, empowering, safe and fun. We like to do projects where volunteers can see the fruits of their labor, and know that, individually and collectively, they’ve made a difference.


We can do corporate projects any day of the week, any place you like. We have planned corporate projects strictly for employees as well as projects that involve their families, too.


We really did have a great time. The emails I have been getting from everyone have been so heartwarming…truly an experience of a lifetime that will forever change me.

— C.S., Chase, Los Angeles


corp-days-quotes Thank you for an incredible day. Your team is awesome

— K.M., KKR

To learn more about how Big Sunday can work with your company, please contact Berenice at

Here are some ways we can work with your company:

Corporate Day of Service

Think of us like a wedding planner, but for a service project. We create an event especially for your company, and can make every kind of arrangements, including transportation, food, and photography. These projects engage every kind of passion and all kinds of talents. We can plan events for 25 people to more than 1000, in 1 location or multiple locations simultaneously, both in the field or right in your office. We’ve planned events for cities all over the US as well as Europe.

Since COVID hit, Big Sunday has also offered online corporate events. Some of these are versions of events we have done in person, and others are ones created specially to be done online. Both have been very popular and can be tailored for your company.

Each project is specially and uniquely planned. Please call or email for pricing and details.

Sponsor an Existing Big Sunday Event

You company can sponsor a special existing Big Sunday event, such as our MLK Day Clothing Drive and Community Breakfast (January), Back to School Week (August) or Spooky Sunday (October). We usually have at least one large-scale event like this each month. Employees and /or their families are welcome to join us. (Most of these events are family-friendly.) This is a great opportunity for corporate groups to demonstrate their commitment to the community alongside friends and neighbors.

Sponsorships start at $1000. The larger the sponsorship, the more guests one is invited to bring.

Special Helping Events

We can arrange special helping events like cooking meals, hosting parties or providing much-needed donations for grateful and disadvantaged people. These events change with the season and the needs and requests of our nonprofit partners. They’re a great choice for a smaller group or a smaller budget.

Events usually start at $1000. Please ask to see this month’s options.

Host a Big Sunday Happy Hour

Two of Big Sunday’s most popular programs are The Big Sunday Emergency Fund, which provides much-needed goods and services for those without a safety net; and TGIW! (Thank God It’s Work!) which provides temporary paid work at Big Sunday or one of our sister nonprofits for those anxious to work but unable to find a job. These programs are supported in part by Happy Hour Lemonade Stands. We can provide signage as well as a special lemonade stand! And remember: What goes in the lemonade at The Big Sunday Happy Hour stays at The Big Sunday Happy Hour.

We have Emergency Fund requests at all price levels, starting at just $100. Please ask to see current Emergency Fund and TGIW requests.

[Thanksgiving Stuffing Event] “Our Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It warms my heart and replenishes my faith to witness such kindness in action.”

- -A.Z., Los Angeles