As you might imagine we get all kinds of questions about Big Sunday  — everything from “What is it?” to “How can I get involved?” Here you’ll find a few answers:

What is Big Sunday?

We are nonprofit organization that works to build community through community service. Our volunteers come from all kinds of neighborhoods, and work in all sorts of neighborhoods, too. The idea is that everyone has some way that they can help somebody else.

How does Big Sunday work?

Big Sunday partners with hundreds of nonprofit groups, schools and other social service agencies that need help. Then we match those groups with thousands of good-hearted volunteers who want to pitch in, help out and give back.

What exactly does Big Sunday do?

Big Sunday volunteers paint, build, repair, plant, play, cook, sew, organize and entertain. They read to kids, deliver food; help seniors, the environment, veterans, animals, and anyone and anything else you can think of that may lend a helping hand. They provide legal aid and dental clinics, eye exams and health screenings. They give away truckloads of things – new and gently used – that other people want and need. Big Sunday volunteers find ways to do this through our year-round calendar; during the holidays; with our Monthly on Melrose events; and in a really big way with our signature event, A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend)!

What is the Big Sunday Year-Round Community Calendar?

Big Sunday has a year-round Community Calendar, with more than 100 ways to help out and give back each month. There are tons of volunteer opportunities – from planting to pet adoptions to feeding the homeless to helping out veterans.

What does Big Sunday do during the holidays?

Every fall we distribute The Annual Big Sunday Holiday Volunteering and Giving Opportunity List to our volunteers. This list details what our participating nonprofits, schools and other groups need in terms of donations, supplies and people power from early November through Jan. 1.

What is Monthly on Melrose?

Monthly on Melrose is a series of workshops, performances, parties and other events that benefit our nonprofit partners. These events usually take place at our offices on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and have included everything from concerts to community dinners to collections. We work for and with all kinds of groups, we get tons done, and we always need volunteers. We also think these events are always fun! And thanks to our good friends – and our neighbors – at Paramount, they are free for everyone!

What is A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend)?

For years, Big Sunday Weekend—an incredible three-day festival of helping each May—has been our signature (and largest) event.  In 2015, thousands of volunteers turned out—some as individuals, others with their families, still others as part of a class, church, synagogue, mosque, business or club—to lend a hand at hundreds of different projects from San Diego to San Francisco, making Big Sunday Weekend one of the largest regional community service events in America. In 2016, Big Sunday Weekend expanded to A Month of Big Sundays. After 17 years, we’d simply grown too big to contain everything in one weekend. In May 2016, Big Sunday hosted and/or sponsored special events every single day of the month. This enabled us to take on even bigger projects, reach more people, make new alliances, and more easily fit in with everyone’s (and every organization’s) busy schedules. All kinds of events for every kind of passion and every type of talent are available to the public. If you are at a school, faith group or business making your 2017 calendar now, please set aside any day during May 2017 and know that we’ll find a project that’s both impactful and fun for you to do. If you want to host a project, please select any day during May. We’ll still be bringing people together from all walks of life in the name of making the world a better place. For many people, this event is just the beginning of an involvement that continues throughout the year.  We’ll start planning A Month of Big Sundays 2017 in January.

When is A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend)?

A Month of Big Sundays will be held during May 2017.

So why do you call it A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend)?

Initially, Big Sunday expanded from a one-day annual event to a weekend-long extravaganza held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In 2016, the event was expanded to A Month of Big Sundays with community service projects taking place during the entire month of May.

Where does A Month of Big Sundays take place? Is it only in L.A.?

A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend) is based in Los Angeles County, but activities take place at hundreds of different sites throughout Southern California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and sometimes other states. If you’d like to get your community involved in A Month of Big Sundays, please contact info@bigsunday.org.

When can I sign up for A Month of Big Sundays projects?

Hundreds of Big Sunday projects will be listed on our website at the beginning of April each year. Here is a sample of the kinds of projects we’ve done in the past, click here. To help out now, please visit our GET INVOLVED page.

Is there anything I can do to help with A Month of Big Sundays now?

Absolutely. A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend) has become such a big event that volunteers now work on it all year long. We have all kinds of volunteer opportunities – big and small. If you’d like to help, contact info@bigsunday.org ASAP!

Can I do A Month of Big Sundays activities with my entire youth group, extended family, octet, Fortune 500 company?

Yes, absolutely. Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to do an activity as a group so we can be sure that there is enough space and enough for everyone to do. Also, know that there may be other people, from outside your group, who will be working alongside you. To start planning your group’s involvement in A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend), please email info@bigsunday.org.

I'd love to help with A Month of Big Sundays, but I have a new baby (triplets, sullen teenager, out-of-town guests, elderly aunt). Is there anything for me to do?

Yep. During A Month of Big Sundays we have projects for all ages and all talents. The idea is that whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you live, there is some way for you to help someone else.

Is it too late to add an A Month of Big Sundays project for my favorite charity?

Applications are available during the month of March each year. We will accept and receive applications up until the beginning of May 2017, but the ones we receive on time will receive priority for funding and support. The approved projects and schedule for A Month of Big Sundays will be posted to allow volunteers to sign up to participate. Please contact info@bigsunday.org for more info.

Is it too late to sign up to help at my favorite activity during A Month of Big Sundays?

Maybe. Many of our projects limit the number of participants for reasons of space or effectiveness, so your first choice may already be filled, but there are lots of other great projects that could really use your help (and are really fun, too).

What if I just found you and it’s the day before A Month of Big Sundays? When does registration close?

We close registration on specific projects when we’ve reached the maximum number of volunteers needed for it. (Trust us: The worst problem a project can have is too many volunteers.) However, no matter how late you are, you’ll see projects on our website that still need volunteers through the end of May.

My six year-old wants to volunteer at “Rebuilding Together” during A Month of Big Sundays and he's very smart, but your description says he has to be 14-years-old. Can I bring him anyway?

No. When a project description lists an age limit it’s because the nonprofit requires us to do so for liability reasons, but don’t worry. There are plenty of age-appropriate projects for everyone.

Is it true that everyone gets a free T-shirt at projects during A Month of Big Sundays? And free snacks?

Yes. And yes.

So what do I have to pay for?

Nothing. One of the great things about Big Sunday is that it has always been free for all participants. It is completely underwritten by corporate and private donations, in-kind contributions and foundations grants. Volunteers are asked only for their time and talent — no money. But to keep it free for everyone, we’re always happy to accept donations, so click here if you’d like to make a tax-deductible gift to Big Sunday.

Does Big Sunday have any religious or political agenda?

Nope. We work for and with groups of all faiths and all political persuasions – and everyone is always welcome — but there is absolutely no religious or political agenda to any Big Sunday activity.

What groups do you help?

Feel free to visit Who We Help, on our website. You’ll find a list of the many nonprofits we’ve worked with during A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend) and throughout the year. Most of these great groups offer volunteer opportunities all year long.

Volunteering over one month is great, but what about rest of the year?

We are proud to note that A Month of Big Sundays (formerly Big Sunday Weekend) serves as a catalyst for many of our volunteers to continue to help our nonprofit partners throughout the year. (Some of them have even joined the board of groups they first helped on Big Sunday Weekend!) But for some people, helping out just one day a year, whether it’s during A Month of Big Sundays, or some other time, is what they can do. And, for the record, we think that’s great, too.

“A big THANK YOU to Big Sunday, the volunteers and everyone who was a part of creating Walk With Sally’s adventure. Our kids, mentors and families had a wonderful time. I saw lots of beaming faces at the Aquarium of the Pacific! (And lunch was great, too!) Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!”

- Z.P., Walk With Sally (BSW)