Non-Kid of the Month

For years, our Kid of the Month feature has highlighted some of the amazing kids and teens who pitch in at Big Sunday’s many programs and events.  But, you may be wondering, what about all the other important players involved in Big Sunday?  We’re lucky to have a huge network of volunteers, corporate sponsors, non-profit partners, and other participants who help us out in all kinds of ways!

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our brand new feature:

Big Sunday’s Non-Kid of the Month!

From now on, we’ll be honoring someone (or something!) special in the Big Sunday community every month!  These “non-kid” participants have gone above and beyond in some way, and we can’t wait to share their stories with you.



[Thanksgiving Stuffing Event] “Our Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It warms my heart and replenishes my faith to witness such kindness in action.”

- -A.Z., Los Angeles